Book Review 1491

all you need are two things to be a singer: breath and brains. and practice helps. this is volume 1 of blackstone’s “commentaries,” rorschach’s book on “psychodiagnostics,” abraham lincoln’s speeches and writings. my name is rick ritter. i am the owner of part of gryphon editions book series. we do facsimile reproductions of the great books in medicine. not bad for a 1491 book, huh? the other thing i do is i’m part of encore chorale.

and that’s what i do for fun. one of the interesting things about encore is there’s no auditions. anybody can do it. it doesn’t matter if you’ve sung before or haven’t sung before. everybody’s welcome. let’s see here. you know, i’ve worked by myself, probably, for about 10 years now. my main social life revolved around walking the dog. i really needed to get out and do things and be with people and socialize. it satisfies a lot of what i was missing before.

i’ve become very good friends with a woman whose name is phyllis. she just turned 90. amazing lady. hey, phyllis. for one of the kennedy center concerts, she needed a ride down. – how are you?- good to see you. so i offered to go and get her and bring her down. and it grew so that i pick her up at a nearby shopping center and drive her down. okey-doke, we’re on our way.

i’ve gotten to know her very well, and she’s a very special lady. it’s been a really good friendship. i do not get nervous. i get excited, you know, like here we go. this is what we’ve been working for all this time, and we’re going to put on a great show. as long as i have breath and brains, i will be involved with the group. it’s the best thing i’ve done for myself, i think, maybe in my adult life. i really mean that.

right, maggie? except for you, of course.

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