Book Review 2018

the holidays are a great time to read newbooks. here’s a few of my favorites. educated by tara westover. it’s interesting that she’s a such a goodwriter. i mean to go from growing up in idaho, homeschooled and “i’m just gonna do whatmy dad says," to being a cambridge phd. she not only found a way out, she found her way out with a lot of self-respectand immense capability.

yuval noah harari’s 21 lessons for the 21stcentury. he’s a really strong thinker. he makes it clear that big problems, they’re not solvable by a single country. the human mind wants to worry about the dilemmaswe face today. this book is a better framework for all thisworrying that people are doing. andy puddicombe’s meditation and mindfulness. well, when you meditate, they sometimes say empty your mind,

but that really never happens. so, his analogy is ideas they’re like clouds coming across your head. you should just push them away gently. if he gets people doing 10 minutes daily meditation, i think that’s fantastic. paul scharre’s army of none it’s a very thoughtful book. it’s about what armies are going to look likein the future

now that we have amazing software. should a drone be able to go out and findenemies and attack them? and should the u.s. have these autonomousweapons? should the software be letting the humansmake the decisions or not? you know, he’s very cautionary that we need to hold back and not go all theway to robotic warfare. we should not give up human involvement inthese weapons. bad blood by john carreyrou. this is a thriller with a tragic ending.

it’s a story of a silicon valley start-up,theranos. they were doing diagnostics. and people were excited because elizabethholmes, the founder, was young, and energetic. yes, great diagnostics will eventually come. they can be very cheap, not need as much blood, read out even your dna. but, when it all was revealed, they really didn’t have what they were talkingabout.

in fact, they’d been giving patients diagnoses that were actually dangerous because theywere so wrong. i am looking forward to reading over the holidays. i hope you like the selections i’ve talkedabout here.

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