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hey guys, girl about library with a 60second book review of the memoir "lab girl" by hope jahren. hope covered a lot of ground in her memoir. some of the chapters explored hope’s career andexperiences as a female scientist, which is a rarity especially in her field ofbotany. other chapters focus on her relationship with quirky lab assistantbill there was also though this beautiful blend in chapters ofphilosophy and plant life that made for some incredibly quotable moment thisbook is so many things but at its heart it felt like it was about the amazingpotential it can be found within dedication and love me passion and hardwork i only have a small background in

science but i still really enjoyedreading lab girl and i hope that the author continues to write about herexperiences if you’ve read lab girl please comment down below let me knowwhat you thought of this book thank you so much for watching and havea great day

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