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hey this is going to be an animated bookreview of the book managing oneself by peter drucker which this is actually inthe harvard business review before you start watching this video i want you toleave a comment below of the largest contribution that you plan to makebefore you die peter drucker says that we should findwhere we can make the greatest social contributions to society he says one ofthe best ways to do this is to feedback announces and basically what this is isany time you make a major decision right out what you think to predict theconsequences will be between nine months or maybe a year later compared theresults and he says that after he has

done this a few times you realize thathe’s not as always is good at what he thinks he’s at and he goes into afteryou find the strength you need to improve them he says that there arethree steps the first is to put himself in an environment where your strengthswill produce success that is put yourself in environments where you willthrive the second is to only improved your strengths or only focus onimproving them he says there takes far more energy to go from incompetents tomediocrity than it does to go from slightly above average to impeccablygreat the third is to find out when intellectual arrogance is stopping youfrom furthering your career stuff like

he mentions engineers are really good atwhat they do but they don’t have very good people skills and they usuallyboast about it to their like a very good people skills in a charm so these arethe same way about accounting they are very good at accounting is that you needto find out what you were bad out what you are intellectually ignorance in andyou need to find out how to improve that a little nugget of knowledge he lives inhere is that remember ideas don’t move mountains bulldozers move mountains withthe help of ideas which is basically saying they you can plan are you wantand i’ve been doing this all my life i didnt planning my future but unless youactually take action unless you actually

execute on that plan it’s not going toget you anywhere so he also says that you should find out how you learn youshould learn how to learn are you a reader or are you a writer ur are you a thinker or are you into herare you a loner or do you do better when you were with a group of people hementioned something about the public school system he says to be forced tolearn the way a school teaches issue health for students who learndifferently and there are many students who learn differently than the way thatthe school teaches so there are tons of ways you can find out if you are good atlearning a specific way but probably the

best way that you can find out how willyou learn something is by looking at your past are you good at doingsomething are you thinking about something you get it reading or are yougood at writing about it you have to find out what works best for you he also says that towards the end ofyour career not even towards in just after the end of twenty years you’regoing to start getting bored he says a lot of people need a challenge they getgood at their job and it’s not a challenge anymore he says so to manageyour life effectively a lot of people start doing consulting they startearning a little bit more money by

consulting other people or even do anon-profit there are tons of people who go into nonprofit organizations orcharity organizations basically you need to find out a second hobby to take upmore of your time that way you know wasting your time in your becoming agreater contribution to society now goes back to our main ideas to become thegreatest contribution to society to your environment that you possibly can and inas little print it’s basically a little tiny book there’s tons of knowledge tonsof advice that’s most people will take its common sense but i really like tohave it handy and like to look at some quotes that underlined anyways i hopeyou enjoyed watching this and i hope you

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