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ok so let’s talk about growth hackermarketing now this book was written by ryan holiday was written some awesomebooks and basically what he’s saying in this book is that we need to change theway we advertise their products the first thing he talks about hisproduct market fit and he says products can and should be changed primeexplosive reactions is a you should find a way to match your product to themarket as opposed to changing market let’s take instagram for example theystarted out as an app called bourbon and they had around half a million dollarsof funding it was initially a location-based social network withoptional photos or they found after a

couple months was that users only flockto the photo part in the filter part they had a meeting and actually listento their users it said hey they really like these photo parts let’s dosomething with it they rebranded this company has a mobile app with photofilters in less than two years they sold this to facebook for one billion dollarsand if you’re starting a new product this is very valuable information tostart with something called an mvp which stands for minimal viable product andthen listen to your audience and make changes to your product and listen tothem again and i to rate this as many times as you have to ensure you have theexplosive reaction the next thing he

talks about is finding a growth pact andthis is something that will take a lot of creativity and imagination andthinking of prozac is essentially something that will allow your productto go viral relatively cheap see so many people see these traditionaladvertisements billboards tv commercials radio ads that they’re so desensitizedto them that they really only work on a subconscious level he says that you haveto come up with new ways to advertise need to sell something people that wantsomething that actually talked about with their friends so growth pact relieson triggers that are self-perpetuating kinda like a pyramid scheme your friendswill tell their friends and their

friends will tell their friends another example is hotmail hotmaildisgusting some traditional advertising like billboards and tv commercials butit was quite expensive and they didn’t know what kind of return they would getwhat they did was at the end of every single email each customer used at a little innocentp s i love you get free email at at the end of all the emailsand what this did was allow other email users to see hey hot meals free and it’spretty cool service they were basically advertising your company for free youcan see this whenever someone sends a

message on an iphone adam animals theysent from my iphone and this was a huge growth hacker hotmail ryan holidayseason our products should be malleable you don’t have to wait for it to beperfect with our users and then change and there’s a famous quote by henry forthe centre thank god for my customers they buy my products before they areperfect and this is what a lot of people have trouble with is that they thinkthey have to have a perfect product before they go to market you don’t haveto have a perfect product you just have to have something that people get yourfeedback on and i’m trying a little grass shack right now what i’m doing isoffering a little giveaway i have to do

is leave a comment on this video in myfuture videos of any book that you want me to make an animated book reviewer andif i pick it and you win i will ship the book to your house for free and whatthis is doing this is basically a customer driven response i am gettingideas for videos and books that my audience wants not that i want to dothat my audience wants now of course i’ll pick the books that i enjoy readingfor my audience will also get value out of it too and in turn a little plus sideis at the commons will make my videos ranked higher anyways i hope you findthis video useful and learn something if you are more awesome videos like thissubscribe thanks for watching

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