Book Review For Harry Potter

hi my name is anna and i read the book harrypotter and the sorcerer’s stone which is the first book in the series by j.k rowling. the story begins with harry living with hiscruel aunt, uncle and cousin dudley because his parents were killed by the dark lord whenhe was just a baby. harry’s aunt and uncle have been keepinghis true past a secret in fear that he will be just like his wizard mother. in his aunt’s opinion rather ridiculousand foolish. when harry turns eleven, he receives an invitationletter to hogwarts school for witchcraft and wizardry. but first harry needs to purchase his essentialschool supplies.

he buys his equipment at a shopping districtjust for wizards called diagon alley. the most important item on harry’s listis a wand. of course his wand chose him. days later he takes the hogwarts express whichis a train for wizards that transports students to school. when he arrives at hogwarts he is sorted bya magical mind reading hat into gryffindor house which is one of the four groups. gryffindor is known to be home to the braveand loyal. he meets his two best friends ron and hermionethat stick with him throughout all of the

story. later in the book harry, ron and hermioneattempt to save the sorcerer’s stone which will make anyone who possess it immortal. the dark lord wants to steal the sorcerer’sstone to make himself powerful and live forever. but first they have to conquer the obstaclesthat wait under a trap door guarded by a vicious three headed dog. i definitely recommend this book to anyonewho enjoys fantasy, magic, and most of all a book that keeps you hooked at every turn. if you can’t wait to find out what happensnext, check out a copy at your local library.


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