Book Review Format

how to boost credibility with book reviews just like other bookstores, customers can leave your book a review on your bookshop page. let’s look the process. after a customer buys your book, they can revisit your bookshop storefront and log in at the bottom of the page to submit a review. after logging in, your customer is prompted to submit a review title, star rating, and commentary on your book.

after they submit their review, log into your bookbaby account. click on “bookshop reviews” under the “book manager” section. there you will see the new “pending” review. click “approve” to publish it. all of your reviews will be shown in the published section. now, new visitors can read other customers’ reactions to your book!

bookshop is free for all bookbaby customers. if you have any questions, please ask in the comment section below. thanks for choosing bookbaby as your publishing services provider.

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