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hello it is tuesday, it is reviewsday tuesday. i didn’t put up a video all of last week but i’m back, i’m back. today is the quiet as mouse book club and i am reviewing harry potter and the philosopher’s stone, the illustrated edition this book was published last month and it is illustrated by jim kay i am not reviewing the book i have read harry potter and the philosopher’sstone over 50 times

it would be almost impossible for me to review itat this point so i am very specifically reviewing the illustrated edition. i actually wasn’t planning on buying thisbook but i saw some of kay’s illustration inan article and i went to his website and saw more ofhis work and loved it so then i decided that this was a book that i had to buy after all. i will link to jim kay’s website below in case you would like to see some of his work. so the dust cover is of the scene fromplatform 9 3/4, and the book underneath is plain red withblue type

it is full of illustrations there are some two page spreads like thisone there are some one page illustrations likethis one of albus dumbledore and then there are others that share spacewith the text. i love especially the way that the chapterheadings are done for instance, this one forchapter 15: the forbidden forest. there is a nice ratio of text to illustrations, even on the pages that haven’t got illustrations they are stained or coloured

there is not a blank page in this book they are well placed as well there is a throw away comment in the chapter at london zoo about a gorilla looking remarkablylike dudley and then we have this sort of mirroring ofthe gorilla and dudley on the pages. i also really like this one on page 24 where the snake escapes and it is made to look like a snakes and ladders board. there is some nice attention to detail aswell in the illustration of harry in his cupboard.

harry has a little chess piece and he also has a little figure of an owl which i just thought was cute my favourite one, though, is this oneof the quidditch pitch. i just think it looks really atmosphericand i love the colours. inevitably many of the characters aren’t going to look the way you imagine them, that’s the downside of having an illustratededition but there are a few characters that look pretty much exactly how i pictured them in my head for instance ron

and snape and also malfoy. i really enjoyed reading this book, it’s fun and it’s high quality. i would recommend it if you love harry potter or if you want to read the books again or if you want to read them for the firsttime, also great for children i think. i will give harry potter and the philosopher’sstone the illustrated edition 4.8 out of 5.

and i am looking forward to chamber of secretscoming out so the next books i will be reviewing: on 1st december i will be reviewingthe talented mr ripley by patricia highsmith. and then on 15th december i will be reviewing rogues. this is a selection of short stories editedby george r.r. martin and gardner dozois. i hope you have a good week i would love to know what you think aboutthis book if you have read it, and i will see you on friday!

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