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hello! today i’m going to be doingsomething that i haven’t done on my channel in a very very long time andthat is a book review. today i’m going to be reviewing a book that i literallyjust finished this morning and that is the marvels by brian selznick. themarvels is a story that’s told in two parts. the first part is about this boywho is the only survivor of a shipwreck and he gets brought back to london wherehe gets involved in the london theater scene and he ends up becoming an actorand his son becomes an actor and his son becomes an actor. and it’s thisgenerational story about this family of actors and what happened to them andthen leading up to a boy who is kind of

a black sheep of the family. he’s notinterested in the theater scene and so he runs away. and then the second part ofthe story is about a young boy named joseph who runs away from his boardingschool to london where his uncle lives. he stays with his uncle over like, theholiday season and he starts uncovering all these secrets about his family thathe never knew. and his uncle is this really mysterious, strange guy who livesin this kind of house out of time and joseph is just trying to figure outwhere he came from and what is going on with his uncle and the significance ofall of that. if you know anything about brian selznick’s work, if you’ve readhugo cabret or wonderstruck i believe,

you’ll know that brian selznick writeshis stories with a mix of art and text. so the first half of this story, the story about the boy who was shipwrecked, is told entirely in pictures. and thenjoseph’s story, the second half which starts in 1990, is told in text. i thinkthat this was done so well. in his other books, the pictures have been interwoventhroughout the story; so you’ll read a few pages of text and then there’ll bea few pages of pictures and and all that. but i really liked the fact that thepicture story all happened at the beginning and then the text story allhappened at the end. it’s just a really really fantastic little book. it’s achildren’s book so it’s just, it’s simple

and it’s easy to follow and there’s a little bit of mystery in this book with joseph tryingto figure out exactly what all this means, what the marvels mean to hisfamily. i read the first 400 pages in just a little over like a half hour andthen i read the rest of it in a couple of hours last night and this morning andi just.. i just loved this. like i said, i liked that there was this mystery elementand for the majority of the book i had no idea where the mystery was gonna go, i had no idea what joseph was gonna uncover about his uncle and his family.and another thing that i liked about this book was that there were some likelgbt themes in it but it wasn’t an lgbt

book, that wasn’t the point of the story,the point of the story was for joseph to uncover this family mystery and figureout exactly what his family’s all about. i thought when joseph’s uncle finallytold him the story of the marvels, first of all i didn’t see that coming at all,and secondly i just really.. it was just so heartwarming and sweet and ijust really really liked this book a lot and i would highly highly recommend may be huge but really it’ll probably take you like two hours, maybe three toread depending on how fast you read. it’s a really really good book and i highlyrecommend it. so that’s really all i have to say for this review. if you’ve readthe marvels and you have different or

similar opinions than mine, let me knowdown in the comments. thank you so much for watching, i hope you enjoyed thisvideo, and i will hopefully see you again very soon. bye!

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