Book Review Hunger Games

if i had to pick one book for teenagers tosell in an airport kiosk, i wouldn’t even think twice. we’ll talk about why the hungergames by suzanne collins is the prefect read for a long flight … but maybe not a wholelot more … right after this. the hunger games is one of those books thati felt like i ought to like. it’s fast-paced and pretty well-plotted. it’s also got strong,mostly likable main characters—a guy and a girl, in case you’re picky about thatkind of thing. and like i said in the intro, if you’vegot a cross-country plane ride coming up, this book will definitely keep your attentionfor at least that long. there’s 380 pages-worth of suspense, 380 pages of wondering aboutwhat will happen to katniss and peeta—about

whether they will kill, or be killed. because that’s what the games at the heartof this book are really all about. survival and killing. only one player can win—andneither katniss nor peeta will be going down without a fight. unfortunately, it wasn’t just the bloodand violence that made this story a little tiresome. it was that this survival game neverreally felt anchored in the world that suzanne collins was trying to build. it was like shewas trying to tie in some bigger themes about political resistance and being true to yourself… but all of that kind of fell flat. none of which makes the hunger games a bookyou shouldn’t read. but like many airport

bestsellers, it just may not be the kind ofstory that sticks with you once you’ve reached your destination.

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