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*dramatic music opening* vampire: *evil laugh* i shall eat vampire: *evil laugh* vampire: all the spiders vampire: from the multi-verse! *vampire growls meanacingly* *inspirational music begins* spiderman: bring it on demon!

*inspirational heroic music continues to play* *ambient crowd noises* *music morphs into dance music* *vampire yelling* *female scream, spidermen yelling* *vampire hissing* *music ends* woman (wedding photographer off camera): we have batman here, do you mind if the photographer… spiderman: i think all my friends will be able to help you out actually. *vampire roars, everyone screams*

*sounds of people running and muffled talking* *music becomes fast paced again* a spiderman: woah!another spiderman: woah! *triumphant music begins* *group cheering, mary jane cheers!* spiderman: victory!mary jane: yaaay! spiderman: what were gonna do now is drop him off and eat… *dialogue becomes muffled* *girls laugh* *spider woman claps twice in rhythm*

*group cheering* *upbeat music continues, muffled crowd noises can be heard* spiderwoman: woo! *upbeat music continues* *spidermen and mary jane cheering* *music changes to more romantic music* *mary jane laughs, then spidermen begin to laugh* *music changes to a more techno beat* spiderman: wooo! spidey-verse here i come!

*techno music continues* *music fades out* *skate board rolling over cracks in the side walk* *dance music starts up* "don’t you want to?!" *police sirens in the background* *girls giggling* mary jane: omigod what’s this! *mary jane cries*spiderwoman: oh. my. god.

mary jane: god help us! *laughing and the music slowly begins to become more techno* strangers: oh yeah! *muffled conversationss* spiderman: okay! everybody gets one! spiderman: yeahh…female voice: spider-verse! a spiderman: awe, thank ya! *muffled conversations* spiderwoman: yes!

*crowd noises cut out* *techno music* sean ward: thank you so much to all the cosplayers that played in this video. sean ward: it was so much fun, you guys are awesome! sean ward: make sure you get out and see avengers age of ultron sean ward: on opening night, may 1st. sean ward: because on saturday may 2nd, sean ward: we’re gonna do our next live show. sean ward: and you can call in and let me know what you thought about

sean ward: avengers: age of ultron sean ward: we’re gonna talk about it sean ward: and it’s gonna be a whole lotta fun. sean ward: that’s saturday. may 2nd for our next live show. sean ward: the daredevil one was a big hit sean ward: thank you so much for calling in, everybody that did. sean ward: got the shout-out’s this week for fatimaortega sean ward: kaiiboytube, orange milk, sean ward: and noah solsman!

sean ward: new subscriber alert! sean ward: jimmy mazaii, lava master project z, and sean ward: and slime street. are you a new subscriber? sean ward: let me know in the comments, i’ll shout you out! sean ward: that’s how it goes. sean ward: now that the weather’s nice, we’ve got so sean: so, sooo many cool, huge, big videos coming up! sean ward: all summer long! sean ward: we do a new one every single week

sean ward: so we’ll see you next friday, thanks so much for watching. sean ward: see you later!

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