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hi, i’m lucy ravitch from kidsmathteacher.comwhere we take everyday experiences and turn them into hands-on math activities. [music] yay! today we’re reviewing a new, fun picture bookby danica mckellar, goodnight numbers, and illustrated by alicia padron. i feel this book is best suited for childrenages zero to six and will make a great bedtime book! not only is it great for reading, but youget to interact with the book as you read and search the spreads for numbers all around.

while being somewhat reminiscent of goodnightmoon, goodnight numbers has children practice counting up to ten, and seeing the numbersone through ten in written and numerical form. there is a great search and find aspect too! each spread has it’s number theme and youcan encourage your child to see how many different objects they can find of that number. what sets this book apart from other normalcounting books is the wide variety of optional images the kids can count! as you can see within this spread of six,you have six music notes, six blocks, six snaps, six flowers, six lightbulbs, six fruitsin a ten-frame chart, and if that wasn’t enough

there are six bunnies spread around the room! there are many times when the options go theextra mile in counting too. the mother’s necklace has five flowers onit, with five petals on each flower. this ten frame has three objects, with eachhaving three dots. while talking to your kids about this it canhelp them understand the concept of skip counting, and ultimately multiplication. there are little dots grouped all over thepillow. some children might enjoy counting each dotindividually. many kids might wonder how many dots thereare all together.

they can learn to skip count: three, six,nine, twelve… but then realize there must be a faster way. they may decide to count the groups… eight. and since they know that there are three dotsin each group, they conclude three times eight is the number of dots, or the total. while i don’t expect two and three year oldsto verbally express this that early… but, they can be thinking about lots of math termsas you introduce them to them. ultimately, this book has plenty of eye candyfor your kids to ask questions and learn as they play.

alicia padron did a wonderful job of illustratingsweet pictures that have plenty of items with each number theme. the end papers are also an added bonus, asthey show several ways to represent each number. danica mckellar did a wonderful job writingthis book that helps children see that numbers are all around them. while danica is well known for her actingroles in the wonder years and the west wing, she is passionate about mathematics. she has a graduate degree from ucla in mathematics,and is often seen on panels speaking about the importance of math education.

you can see her on youtube’s nerdist channeldoing fun, short "math bites". plus, on you can find herother great math books she’s written. overall, i give goodnight numbers five stars. it’s a great way to show your kids that math,patterns, and numbers are all around us. thanks for watching! please subscribe and share. it let’s us know that you enjoy videos likethis. also, let us know what your favorite mathpicture books are in the comments below. remember to check out the nerdist channeland join us next time as we do a math activity

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