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hi everyone. i’m rincey and this is rinceyreads. today i’m going to be doing a really casual, really quick friday reads. i generallydon’t do these either because i don’t know what i’m going to be reading over the weekendand i know it’s going to be a busy weekend so i don’t plan on reading a lot. but alsoi never used to do videos on fridays so they were kind of inconvenient when you’re alsodoing tuesday/thursday videos. but now that i’m doing friday videos i can do an occasionalfriday reads. so the book that i am currently reading is and the mountains echoed by khaledhosseini. i’m having issues saying words cause it’s early in the morning for me. this isjust such a great book. i am more than halfway through so far and i’m hoping that i’ll finishthis tonight, if not tonight then tomorrow.

yeah, i’m really, really enjoying this, buti love all of his books. i love his writing style. i love the way that he pulls you intoa story. but i also enjoy the fact that even though all of these stories either take placein afghanistan or have to do with afghani people, they’re not all the same. they allhave different things that they deal with. the story starts off in like the 1950s inafghanistan and you’re following like this brother and sister who quite young. they’remaybe like 8 and 5, or, if even that. their names are abdullah and pari. they are very,very close. like abdullah is very much like a father figure as well as a brother to pari.and then something happens and they end up getting separated and you end up jumping aroundin time and seeing sort of how their lives

have progressed, but also like the lives ofthe people who are adjacent to them as well. so it’s really interesting and i’m very intriguedto see where this story ends up going. and then if i end up finishing that early enough,the book that i want to read next is written in the stars by aisha saeed. this is a newrelease for this year and it’s a young adult book. um. it follows this young pakastanigirl who has like very conservative parents. they tell her that she’s allowed to, not dowhatever she wants, but she’s allowed to like study whatever she wants, take place in likewhatever clubs or whatever she wants to do. um. the only thing that she’s not allowedto do is date boys. and then she ends up dating a boy, i guess. this is all what i’m gatheringfrom the inside flap. and then when that happens

they end up taking her away to pakistan andthey end up arranging a marriage for her, which is not something that she wants forherself. so she’s dealing with that sort of conflict and the pressures that you get fromyour culture and your family, things like that. it sounds really interesting, this isa debut novel as well. so i’m very intrigued to see just how they handle this type of storyline.but yeah, if i do start this this weekend i also plan to finish it because the fontis like gi-normous. so hopefully i can get to this and then i can return it to the librarybecause as you can tell this is a library copy. in between all of those books — allof those, as if i listed a bunch of books. um. i’m hoping to catch up on my comics. i’mbehind on cluster, i have issues 3 and 4 sitting

here that i want to read. i have the new jemand the holigrams to read, and most excitingly, i have the new a-force to read. i read thenew lumberjanes already. but i’ve been kind of saving a-force for this weekend becausei wanted to like devote time to it and like not rush through it. so i will definitelybe reading a-force this weekend, i’m so excited. but i also need to do a little bit of researchinto the whole secret wars thing because i haven’t been reading secret wars, so i haveno idea what’s happening. so yeah, that’s everything i plan on reading this weekend.let me know down in the comments below what you guys are currently reading or planningto read this weekend. it’s a long weekend here in the united states. i don’t even knowif i said that. that’s why i’m like planning

out what i’m going to read, because i havethe day off on monday. so if you’re in the united states, happy memorial day. and ifyou are someone who serves in the u.s. military, thank you for serving. so yeah, that’s alli have for now and thanks for watching.

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