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i’m a big fan of reading books of successfulpeople. so, it could be self-help books, how-to buildyour business, how to become a more positive person. i went ahead and picked up michellephan’s book. this is called: make up you life guide tobeauty, style and success online and off. this is what the book looks like…it’s a hard cover, that’s the one that i got. i know she illustrated her own cover, however,i went a head and just waited for it to hit my local target. i checked a bookstore andthey didn’t have it there, so i was happy to get it from target.

right away, the cover is just so clean andit’s very enticing. it’s a picture of her holding a phone, with lipstick. the fontis her signature font that she has. i really do like that! in the back of the book, it has differentphotos; quotes and it also has a story of her life and summarizing everything. there are different sections and categoriesin this book. she starts off with her story. so, how she got started as she was growingup. then, she starts to advance to graduation and she talks about some of the issues thatshe had in high school. and all of the struggles and the drama that she had.

i noticed in the book that it had differentbeauty treatments and how she treats her skin. she is a big skincare person, but she doeslove makeup. she just has different tips and techniqueson how to apply creams and sun protection. she is really big on sunscreen, fighting, if you are a teen, and you are dealing with acne, i definitely think that you wouldlike this book. she also has tips on brush washing, how toconceal imperfections. the difference between powders – just tons of things in here thati feel like, if you are starting out with makeup, i really think that if i got my littlesisters these books, they would really appreciate it. they would understand and they would learnso much about it.

she talks about online negativity, differentlap tops that she uses. programs on editing, software, how she learned how to do that stuff. i can really appreciate that especially ifyou are aspiring to create a youtube channel, or just create content on the internet. thereis really nothing like it, especially in this type of zone. and the fact that she was thevery first one to figure it out and do things, try new tips and tricks… just figured outwhat worked for her is really nice to look at. i won’t say that following this book toa t will work for you… because it’s michelle phan! no one else can be michelle phan. justtake different tidbits of the things that

she says and just try to apply them one ata time to see if it works. if you are interested in getting this book,like i said, you can get it on amazon or target. i got mine at target for under $15 i’m goingto say under because it might very depending on what state or country you live in. i truly hope that you enjoy it as much asi do. if you have any questions that i have not touched on, leave them in the commentbox below! and if you enjoy a variety of reviews, give this video a thumbs up and i’ll besure to do more of a variety. please share this video with your google+!who knows… maybe michelle phan will see this video! that would be so awesome! justshare this video and maybe it will circulate

and she will see it! thank you so much for taking time to watchand i’ll see you in my next one!

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