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hello and welcome to microbox and book2net. today, we will show you how the book2net large format scanners work. book2net has developed three types oflarge format scanners: the flash a1, the mosquito a1 and the hornet in a0 or double a0 as always, a book is simply placed upon the flat cradle. the cradle is height adjustable by remote control,to allow optimal scanning conditions for the respective book. the open book, now, has flat surface. by pressing "start", the glass plate will move into place automatically, further flattening the pages it reacts to touch and therefore, adjusts itself upon the book.

by pressing "scan", the scanner activates its lights and takes a photo of the object. the scan is available immediately on the computer and the glass plate moves back into its original position. by switching the scanner to a smallerscanning format, the glass plate does not open as far anymore and the scanning process is shorter. the automatic function can be turned onwhich allows working more efficiently. the scanner now operates completelyautomatically and only page turning is required. designed for large objects in general,the scanner will scan newspapers and even paintings just as easily as books. the mosquito is an a1 format scannerwith a motorized glass plate which uses a dual camera system to capture the objects.

this provides a higher resolution for the scan in up to 600 ppi. the flash is a single camera system. it has the same scanning area as the mosquito and was designed for mass digitization of large format material in archives and libraries. the hornet is an a0 or double a0 scanner with a dual camera system for especially large objects

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