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this is a story about a man who witnessesan alien invasion from mars that begins near the small british town of woking. there, a mysterious cylinder crashes intothe earth and the townspeople see that a martian appears from the craft. the townspeople try to communicate with themartians with a white flag, but are attacked by a heat ray. the military is brought in to control thesituation, but they are outclassed as additional spacecrafts arrive and begin destroying thebuildings and people. after escorting his wife to a neighboringtown, the man returns to woking as the martians

continue destroying the military batteriesand escaping people. the man ends up on a small boat, where heencounters a priest. the man’s brother evacuates london as panicspreads when they learn that the martians are releasing a toxic black smoke and lookto be unstoppable. the man’s brother accompanies two womenand the three of them end up on a boat that makes it safely to sea. as the man and the priest find food in anabandoned house, a martian cylinder crashes into the house next door. quietly, both men observe the martians througha crack in the wall as they begin to assemble

their machinery. as food and patience lessens, the man andthe priest begin to fight. the man knocks the priest unconscious andthe martians take his body. after the man escapes the house, he travelsthe countryside and notices the wild growth of red weed, a native martian plant that isdying because it is not immune to earthly bacteria. the man then encounters another man, an artilleryman,whom he had previously met when the attacks first began. the artilleryman shares his big plan to ensurethe survival on humanity: living in the sewers.

the man makes his way toward london and discoversthat the martians destroyed much of the city. however, the man notices that the martianshave stopped their attack and realizes that the martians have all died due to bacteriainfection. in the end, the man returns to his house,where he is reunited with his wife, and the human race must rebuild.

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