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yo, what’s good, kids? welcome backto thug notes. today, we reppin the one percent with "the great gatsby" by f. scott fitzgerald. now, nick carraway is an ivy league white-boy who rents a house in long island, next door to the pimpin crib of jay gatsby, a rich playboy with dat mad mitt romney money. across the way, my boy, nick, be chillin with his cousin daisy and her man, tom. now, what daisy don’t know is that tom got hisself a sexy ho on the side named myrtle. now, myrtle is married to some weak-ass punk named george who can’t please his woman. one day, while kickin it at gatsby’s crib, nick discovers that his cousin daisy used to be gatsby’s main bitch. he moved to long island in hopes that he might get a crack at that ass again.

anyway, all these rich white folksdecide to take a trip to manhattan together. these fools arrive at the plaza hotel, where daisy’s hubby, tom, gets all crunk about daisy and gatsby’s relationship. gatsby and tom get all up in each others’ grills and tell daisy that she’s got to choose her man. but, this bitch can’t make up her mind! back in the hood, george straight up says “myrtle, i know you been actin like a dirty skank.” myrtle loses her shit with george and says “i wouldn’t have to play you if you didn’t act like such a bitch.” so, daisy be driving gatsby’s car backto long island when dat crazy hoe myrtle just goes up and slings herass in front of the car. bam! she dead. daisy just keeps drivingatsby’s whip, gets the hell out of

dodge, and decides she’s done withgtasby. when tom finds our about themurder, he goes up and tells george that it was gatsby who was drivingthe car. now georgebe thinking that it was gatsby who was myrtle’s stud. so that boygeorge grabs himself a 9 and caps gatsby while he chillin in hispool. then he dun ice himself. damn. after dealing with all this richwhite boy angsty bulls***, nick decides he needs to get his assout of new york and chill out in the mid west.

let’s get right to it, homeboy.“gatsby” can be considered a criticism of the anti-calvinisticimage of the american dream. america may have started as a landwhere homies always got each others backs, but fitzgerald’s america isfull of back stabbin crackers that make gatsby’s romantic dreamridiculous. my boy gatsby keeps it real by stickin to his americanideals. like dat fool minter says “ because of the beauty of hisdream and the heroism of his efforts to move beyond it, gatsbycan be made great”

check this motif son,: dreams vs.reality. gatsby has these big ass delusions about the future with thisbitch, daisy. gatsby be thinkin’ that you can repeat the past but mybrother be straight trippin. cuz on the real, ain’t nobody can recoverpast time. you can see that fitzgerald embodies this motif intiny details. for example, on page 50 it’s revealed that gatsby has abig ass stack of books, most of which he’s never read. it’s likegatsby be frontin’ trying to look all intelligent and shit. but datain’t reality, b.

yo, you ain’t know shit aboutgatsby til you know about the symbol of the green light. someplayas think the green light symbolizes the fading optimism ofgatsby’s dream. at the beginning of the book, the green light has aburning quality that gets gatsby all riled up about shackin up withhis bitch. but by the end of this book, it’s just another lame assgreen light. there ain’t nothing special bout it, just like his fakeass dreams. yo thanks for tuning in to thugnotes. i hope yo bitch ass learned something today. see you next timeplaya.

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