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hello it is tuesday and it is time forthe quiet as mouse book club again. this week i am reviewing moby dickby herman melville. i haven’t put up a video for a week yeah, last week was just a bad week i didn’t do any filming this week is better so moby dick is an 1851 novel. it is narrated by ishmael he is a sailor who goes on a whaling voyage

led by captain ahab who is obsessed with getting revenge on a particular white whale called moby dick, who took his leg on a previous voyage. this is a book that i have been meaning toread for a while but have struggled to find the time for. at the end of 2013 i watched a bbc tv filmcalled the whale which is about the real life essex incident, when a whaler from nantucket is attacked and sunk by a whale in 1820

this is also the story that moby dick is basedon so i was interested in reading this far morefamous interpretation of the events but i enjoyed the bbc show and i would recommendlooking it up it starred martin sheen and jonas armstrong,and john boyega as well, fact fans. anyway, book review. this book is quite long it has 135 chapters what i find most interesting perhaps is the amount of different styles used to tell the story, something i have not come across to such anextent before. there is normal prose

there are essays about whales, whale hunting, whale taxonomy, life on board a ship it becomes a bit of an encyclopaedia occasionally. and there is also like shakespearean soliloquies and asides, and stage directions, which are my favourite it makes the book a very curious read, in a good way, i think

i would say that the essays get a little tediousat times i am all for a good essay,and some of them were very interesting and were useful to the understanding of theplot and gave interesting allusions and metaphors but my attention did wander quite a bit just the balance was a little bit off for me. but on the plus side i now know more aboutwhales than i ever thought i would. the first 100 odd pages and the last 100 odd pages were my favourites in the book. the middle part was the bit where most of theattention wandering happened.

the beginning before ishmail gets on the ship was my favourite part of the book, and the end, the bit that the book has been building upto for so long where we have the battle between the whaleand the ship reaching its fatal conclusion was very exciting and well done. captain ahab is a pretty fascinating character, mysterious and terrifying and uncompromising and his story very much upstages ishmael’sstory. this is probably a book to read more thanonce there is so much symbolism and so many allegories that i definitely haven’t picked up first time round.

having said that i don’t think that i amgoing to be reading it again any time soon, because i just didn’t enjoy reading it enough i didn’t get lost in the book i wasn’t invested enough in the characters. i found it interesting as a piece of history for its style, and for the information it gave me, but i rarely found it gripping or exciting. i can however see how people could. but i will give this book 3.3 out of 5.0.

the next book i will be reviewing isjonathan strange and mr norrell and that is on 2nd february. and then on 16th february i am going to reviewthe great gatsby by f. scott fitzgerald. i have actually read this book before it will be only the second book that i have reviewed on this channel that i have read previously, the first being harry potter and the philosopher’sstone because i was reviewing the illustrated edition. but i want to read this book again,because i read it when i was younger and i didn’t get on very well with it atall so i want to try again.

i hope you have a great day i would love to know what you think aboutmoby dick, if you have read it also has anybody else seen the whale? i would say that my next video will probablybe phone friday, but i said that last week and it turned out not to be true so my next video will exist and it will probably be later on this week i’ll see you soon!

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