Book Review Rules Of Civility

so are you going to the war? you know i’m not going, i’m not leaving you and our son behind. but you voted for lincoln. don’t you think i know that, i knew the consequences when i voted for him. then whose side are you really on? dad, why do we hate negroes so much? we don’t hate negroes, they’re people just like us. where did you hear that from? i heard it from this one man at the general store don’t listen to them, they’re people just like everybody else.

who did this? your brother. why? your wife, she was helping slaves escape. meet me at my house in ten minutes. run away again. you killed my wife! she was helping the negroes, she betrayed us. you betrayed us. if you must betray a blind man for him to see, then so be it!

this war was not country versus country, nor state versus state. this war divided blood.

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