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in the book no more mr nice guy dr.robert glover diagnosis some of his friends with the nice guys enjoy nowperson with a nice guy syndrome is known to give they like to give things theylike to fix lee also like the caretaker there’s a difference between caretakingin carrying he says i like to avoid conflict repress their feelings theydon’t like to talk about their emotions he said sometimes they’re dishonestquite secretive let’s talk about little kids for a little bit a little kid isegocentric which means that he thinks the world revolves around him humans from a young age are veryegocentric anyone under the age of 60

think the world revolves around themthey will also have a large fear of abandonment and have a fear ofhelplessness because children can do a lot of things on their own so somethinghappens like they’re hungry and their mom usually season but her mom doesn’tfeed them building hey i’m hungry my mom’s not feeling me i must be my faultbecause if they cry and no one holds them don’t think it’s their fault ifsomeone gets angry at them or parent leaves the think it’s their fault inthis accumulated over time creates a toxic shame they think that everythingthey do is their fault and someone with a nice guy syndrome believes they areunlivable they must do things to be

lovable he also goes into explainingthat there’s a difference between caretaking and caring caretaking yougive to others with the giver needs to give you give because you like givingcaring is giving to others because they needed they need something so you giveit to them at scaring caretaking comes from a place of emptiness and the giverthe others like an order for me to be happy i need to give some carrying onthe other hand comes from a place of abundant is as hey i have a bunch ofthis i don’t need all of it for you caretaking also has unconscious stringsattached which means deep in the subconscious level the caretakers sayinghey i scratch your back you scratch mine

caring however is unconditional and hasno strings attached fun during world war 2 a lot of fathers left the home quite interesting because we startseeing this throughout history that fathers are not there as often as theyshould be for their children especially their son’s education system is alsodominated by women which they also don’t have a role model at school and sometimeafter ww2 feminism in the sexual revolution became a big thing young boysused to learn how to be a man from their dad and grampa from working on thefarming in closed environments he says this is what creates the nice guysyndrome to solve this problem we have

to learn to please yourself first you to spend time and money developingyourself he says it’s okay to be a little selfish and i like to refer tothe airplane at an event when you get on an airplane but the attendances is inthe case of an accident put your mask on first that way you’ll be better suppliedto help those around you if you don’t take care of yourself first not gonna be able to help those aroundyou is a you should make your needs a priority as opposed to trying to pleaseothers and make their needs a priority in this book he talks a lot about how tolearn and set boundaries how to express

your feelings and resolve conflictssafely if you remember back before i said that the nice guy syndrome lot ofpeople avoid conflict this is a big problem because if they’re avoiding theconflict there also avoiding the resolution the basis of this book is tolearn how to be selfish without being rude about it he says one way you canhelp reclaim your masculinity is to spend more time with guys spend moretime with masculine men with muscles are gonna give out of this book is that inorder to get better sex should aim to only have great sex but she is theperfect watermelon analogy i came up with in your life you may have eaten 3watermelons 10 watermelons are 300

watermelons and what if you say that allof those are the best watermelons in the world watermelons are pretty good but what ifyou have some great watermelons and you also have some terrible rottenwatermelons when you look at watermans as a whole you’re gonna be like it’s ok that’s good every now and thenyou should do the same with your sex life if you settle for bad sex it’s notgoing to become as enjoyable and it’s actually going to bring down the greatsex anyways are a lot more little tips and tricks in this book that he mentionsi really like and i might mention them

later in a future video but for now ihope you enjoy this video and i hope you learned thanks for watching leave a comment below of the nextanimated book review that you would like me to review and in the next 48 hours ipick your comment i will ship the book to your house for free and also make ananimated book review that both don’t forget to like this video is fromwatching subscribe for more

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