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don miguel ruiz is laid out on ahospital bed dying from heart failure his mother sarita has gathered all ofthe family members together to chant and to pray while she ventures into the dreamworld to bring don miguel back from the brink of deathsarita recapitulates key moments in the life of don miguel ruiz in order togather those memories and use them to rally his life’s purpose to show himthat his story here on earth is not yet finished sarita is accompanied by theembodiment of human knowledge and as they examined the life of don miguelruiz they are soon joined by their ancestors and loved ones on this journeyof examination the point of view of this

story changes from person to persondepending on which of the characters is watching the scenes from don miguel’slife examination gradually turns into introspection as don miguel takes partin this rekindling of the scenes from the theatrical presentation of his lifetales of personal power and layers of spiritual awakenings hint at the need toabandon the self and transcend the constraints of knowledge to go beyondknowledge and seek truth to be free to live your life as a work of art thetoltec art of life and death dares to entice the reader to take a look at ourown dreams motives and reasoning what are the things that we believe in do wecling to our beliefs and even defend

them and at what costhave you read the toltec art of life and death what did you think please let meknow in the comments section below if you haven’t read this book and areinterested in the toltec path this book definitely makes the recommended readinglist pick this up along with other books by don miguel ruiz wherever fine booksare sold thanks for watching and see you nexttime

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