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today i’ll be reviewing the book milliondollar habits by brian tracy second edition published in september 2017 a collaborative gathering place especially for women to share personal storiessupport and advice wisdom included on a long car trip over the holiday weekend iread the book million dollar habits originally published in 1999 althoughthere is some good information in the book you will find that the material ismostly gleaned from the books the seven habits of highly effective people bystephen covey think and grow rich by

napoleon hill how to win friends andinfluence people by dale carnegie and the success system that never fails by wclement stone you can also watch my videos on creating habits andmanifesting and get much of the same information as well many of thesuggestions are common sense but some of them i found to be very contradictoryincluding work up to 60 hours each week to get ahead but take care of yourselftake vacations improve your environment and spend time with your family therejust aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all of that there were twostrategies in this book that i felt although not innovative we’re helpfuland i would recommend them to everybody

the first is defining the top threethings you do in your job to make your company the most productive start bywriting down all the tasks for which you are currently responsible thenprioritize the top three jobs that only you can do that provide the most returnon energy invested look at the rest of the list and decide what you candelegate automate or let go focus daily on completing those top three businessgrowing money-making tasks the second suggestion is a practical action that ihave started to implement myself get a notebook and pen and every day writedown five to ten goals you want to achieve in a present tense format towrite in present tense rather than

writing i will make $1,000 profit eachmonth change it to i make $1,000 profit eachmonth this is a manifesting technique that helps focus our vision for thefuture spend five minutes doing this every day to bring clarity and apositive mindset together hmm add in gratitude and you’ve got theformula i present in my video on manifesting i recommend reading watchingand listening to motivational materials as often as possible to help you keepmoving forward there are many wonderful books in your local library and freepodcasts and youtube videos online that you can access you don’t have topurchase a book like million-dollar

habits to find this information thereare no secrets or gurus who will magically bestow genius andprofitability upon you these habits have been promoted in books published morethan 50 years ago and they haven’t changed decide exactly what it is youwant work for it with honesty and integrity and don’t give up hey look atthat i just saved you 288 pages of readingyou’re welcome if you’ve read a truly amazing business strategy book or have agreat podcast or video suggestion let me know in the comments belowi’d love to hear from you if this is your first time here please take amoment to subscribe i’ll continue to

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