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– hi guys, how’s it goin’? so in this video i’m going to address two common questions that i get. and the two questions thati’m gonna focus on are beginner related questions, ’cause i get this asked a lot from people who are just starting out learning how to programor design websites, and that is,

what is the best place tostart learning how to code, or you know, how do youget started with html or the different programming languages that there is out there? and i know it can be really confusing because there’s a lot to learn, you know? there’s html, there’scss, there’s javascript, there’s wordpress, there’s ph. you know, the list just goes on forever.

so my recommendation for most people is to start off with html. get a good grasp of htmland then you can move on to something like css. and my main piece of advice is just to take it one day at a time, because a lot of stuff you learn in these, you know, like inprogramming, stuff like that, it’s not stuff that just settles in

and clicks in right away. you know, it takes some time to learn and you just take it day by day. and i’m actually goingto give a recommendation of a great resource toget started with learning how to program websitesand design websites. and the first recommendationi’m gonna give you is to go in the internet,look up free tutorials, look up courses, even look for paid ones.

i have paid ones myself. and just look at some very beginner ones. like if you’re rightstraight from a beginner, you know nothing, like isaid, focus on html, css and just go through thecourses, do some practical assessments, try to buildsome websites yourself. try to build out your portfolio and just take it day by day, because it really does justtake practice and time.

and then eventually overtime you’ll kind of get those a-ha moments and things’llstart to click in place. at least that’s what happened with me when i first started learning. you know, it took me awhile before i kind of things started to kinda click in my head. the recommendation i’mgonna give you guys is i have a book here,it’s called html and css design and build websites.

i believe the author is jon duckett and i got this on amazon. and i got a link for it, you guys can take apeek at it if you want. i think i grabbed it forabout $20 give or take. it’s a book about html and css and it’s a great referencefor anybody getting started. now i’m gonna take a quickpeek here and show you guys what this book has to offer.

as you can see, the pagesare really well done. the graphics are really well written, there’s a lot of text,a lot of information and reference and it shows you all the different commands in html, css. how to build the layouts,responsive web design. it even has a section oncss3 and html5 as well. and there’s a lot of designtheories and different things like working with images and stuff,

it’s a great book andit’s a great reference, and i highly recommend it for anybody who is just starting out with html or css. i think together you cangrab both the books for roughly about $50, butthey’re a great reference and i highly recommend them for everybody who’s just startin’ off. but again, just go onlineand look up the tutorials and youtube videos and stuff like that

and eventually things willjust click into place. and again, check there book out, there’s a link for it in the description. hope you guys like this video, hope it helped you out and you know what, just stick with it andeventually you’ll get to understand it and before you know it you’ll be developing websitesand programming online.

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