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hey there. i’m rebecca schinsky, the executive director of book riot. i’m coming to you today from a new location. this is my tbr pile in my office. so you might think that this is a video about how i want to read all of these books or my plan for getting to all of them or something like that. but that’s not the case. i thought today actually i would take a

new twist on talking about reading resolutions because instead of trying to read more books or trying to read more of a certain type of book, this year the thing that i’m trying to do out connected to new year’s resolutions but more to goals — which i guess is the same thing but talking about resolutions just makes me feel like it’s i think i’ll

think about until february and then quit. so talking about my goals for the year, i want to read one book a month that’s connected to one of my non-reading goals. cause i don’t know if you guys know this or not, but it’s good to have things other than books in your life. one of the things that i’m working on this year is a yoga practice that i’ve

been meaning to get more into for a long time. so i want to be reading and thinking about yoga and mindfulness in my life and i also have committed to spending more time outside taking hikes, walking the dog, being in nature. so as i said, my goal is going to be instead of thinking about reading, reading, reading, reading, reading and counting pages and

sorting genres and all that stuff — like i’ll still keep my spreadsheet. i still want to be mindful about the inclusivity and the representation in my reading. but i really want to connect my reading life and these other important pieces of my life. so the first book that i’m reading, this is just for my goals but maybe you’re thinking about some non reading goals in

your life that you can incorporate books into, is meditations from the mat. this is by rolf gates. he’s a master yoga practitioner. and this is kind of a cheat, which like of course you’re cheating on new year’s resolutions already. instead of reading this in a whole month, this is daily reflections for a whole year. so i’m spending a little time every

day with this book. but i have also bookmarked and put in a shopping list of other yoga related books to be reading throughout the course of the year, the next one i really have my eye on is this one, every body yoga. i’ve heard so many fantastic things about it. i follow the author on instagram so i’m looking for picking

that up in april. in the meantime, to support my get out in nature habit, and this is also a cheat because the book is not out yet, i’m sorry. i just read the nature fixed: why nature makes us happier, healthier, and more creative by florence williams. she wrote a book a couple of years ago called breast that’s kind of a mary roach investigation into breasts.

and this is a look at the science of being out in nature, what it does to our brains, why exactly it’s so good for us to go outside. and there’s some different schools of thought and different schools of science on it that i found really useful. but most practical and inspiring to me was some pretty good evidence that we need to spend five hours a month

outdoors, walking around, taking in nature to feel optimally healthy. so i’ve already been able to connect the fact that i read this book in early january to one of my reading resolutions. or to one of my life resolutions. they’re all connected and that’s the whole idea. so i thought i would share with you today that that’s my reading resolution for

the year: to spend some of my reading time focusing on my life goals and resolutions. and if you have life goals and resolutions that you’re connecting to your reading as well, i’d love to hear about them in the comments down below. so you know what to do. as always, you can find book riot all over the internet and don’t forget to

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