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dear friends! this week we had a discussion in our small illustrators cycle about books and posters drawn like geographical cards. that’s why i started some book reviews of books looking like maps. i start with the most "classical" example. it’s the famous book "all the world"

it’s original name is "maps". it’s made by a couple alexandra and daniel mizielinski they are from poland and are drawing "wimmelbooks". this is their most famous book. the question is: what makes a drawling look like a map? maps have a certain atmosphere. they have lots or interesting details

mostly drawn in a very fine style. there is lots to explore, but they always look homogenic. the images don’t flicker and don’t look fragmented. classical maps have their own canons (rules). and in this books almost all of them are fulfilled. every map has a decorative border, a rectangle with a legend of symbols, there is a big title.

of course you see the shapes of the continents and countries. if its a more detailed map you see rivers, lakes, big waters, and sometimes big roads. on city maps you see all the streets places and parks, for many of this things maps have special symbols. colors are sober and of course every territory has it’s own color

or color palette. in this book even special "typical" patterns are used which can be found on old maps. but we’ll try to find out if this is really required to make an image look like a map. after this book i’ll show more "democratic" fake maps where many rules are not followed, but it still looks like a map.

i hope you take part in the discussion come back soon! come to see more maps and pseudo-maps. and i’m curious what you’ll say about them. and like! subscribe me come back, comment. see you soon!

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