Book Review Wonder

(clare) book wonder by r.j. palacio is abouta boy names august “auggie” pullman. who’s going to main stream school for the firsttime. he is worried sick about going to school. but in a couple of months he makes so manyfriends that they treat him like they don’t even notice his face. august was born witha facial deformity he has two different conditions. once he cannot even pronounce. this was themain reason he was worried. but after the plague, something like the chase touch, thewar where everyone was either on august side or the protagonists, julian’s side. or neutraland many other things that makes school harder for him. he ends up learning what it is reallylike to overcome challenges and what it is like to both fit in and stand out. if youlike realist fiction, don’t judge a boy

by his face. read wonder by r.j. palacio.

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