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hi, welcome to usborne books withlaura. this is the usborne creative writing book. this is an awesome resourceto have, especially with summer coming up and you want to have your child stillwriting, still using their brain during the summer so you can avoid that summerslide. as you can see, it goes over moviescripts, short stories, speech writing, descriptions, travel diary, comics, poetry,rhythm and rhyme, and blogs, just to name a is the table of contents. you can go ahead and pause the video if you wouldlike to take a look at what is in here. it’s almost 100 pages. so let’s take alook at what we have here. "sell sell sell" –

to persuade someone that a product isworth buying. and you have to think your way into the mind of the potential then here it has different things and then your child can name it, so give thecereal box a name, give the car a name, and come up with the slogan. it alsogives them different words, ideas, here talks about points of view like i, you,she, he, they. "everyone’s a critic." and here, it encourages your child to write areview of a book you love or hate, and then they can even give it some’s an "ideas generator." so fun! "no drawing skills required." so it teachesyour child about comics and then they can they break it down for them.beginning, middle, resolution, build-up,

climax, end, and then here it has littleboxes for them to draw and write their own comic. what else? there’s a littlespot right here so you can write a letter to somebody. "headlines." so it givesyou something that happened like, "furry monster with big pink eyes spotted inmountains," and it shows them how you would create a headline out of that.that’s about flashbacks. ‘dear diary.’ blogging. there’s so much to look at inthis book, and if you give your child just twopages a day to work on — so here it’s two pages about "shock journalism" — then thisis something great for them to do during the summer especially! so this is "theusborne creative writing book." thanks for


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