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there are a lot of good companies in theworld, but the word great is taken far too lightly. it takes a true leader to show you exactlyhow to achieve greatness, and in his book, ížgood to great, jim collins unveils whatqualities define success. one. leadership. what makes a great leader? while there are many different types out there,they all have one thing in common. they are willing to get their hands dirty,and plan for a future where they may not even

exist. two: the right people in the right place. most people pass the buck when something goeswrong, instead of seeking solutions. if an employee is failing in their position,the problem isn’t necessarily that they’re a bad fit for the bus. they might just be in the wrong seat! three. confront facts head on.we possess an innatereaction known as the ížfight or flightíÿ mode.

when a problem is revealed, some run as faraway from it as they can.others put on the gloves and tackle it with full force. why? because leaders aren’t afraid of change. four. be a hedgehog. not in a sonic kind of way. in life, you get two types of companies. foxes, and hedgehogs.

while foxes are clever, they’re also greedy,sticking their fingers in too many pies. the hedgehog shifts all of his focus to onething, with flawless execution! five. discipline. once your ížhedgehog frameworkíÿ is set instone, stick to it like glue. and remember – your stop doing list is farmore important than your to do list! jim collins has changed countless lives throughhis wise words, causing vast amounts of people to abandon their foxy personas, and embracethe power of the hedgehog! click on the link below to purchase the full,detailed analysis of ížgood to greatíÿ by

jim collins today!

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